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Spring Club Contest Pictures

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Spotlight on Robert Tang

Robert Tang is a Toastmaster in District 4 with a long history of service and contribution to our Toastmasters community. If you have ever gone to an official Toastmasters event, chances are that you have seen Robert slipping on and off the stage with his trusty SLR camera flashing non-stop. He is the unofficial official photographer of District 4. In addition to his photog skills, he is also an avid motorcycle rider and a fervent action-sports fan. Check out his Picasa gallery HERE.

November 12 Is Toastmasters’ Day In California!

November 12 is officially Toastmasters’ Day in California! Thanks to its positive and powerful contributions to the community, Toastmasters District 4 has been officially recognized by the State Assembly with a great honor!

Huge thanks to all the Toastmasters members who made this honor possible. Thank you for being great Ambassadors of the Toastmasters community wherever you go. November 12 is YOUR day! Enjoy the slideshow below. For more pictures from the Fall District Conference 2011, click HERE

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Halloween Costume Contest Photos

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Humor And Evaluation Contest Recap


The health of a club is reflected by level of competition during contest season. We are happy to report then, that Peninsula Toastmasters is in tip top shape! Our club held its annual Humor and Evaluation Contests last Thursday and new stars were born!

Jaime, Arnold, and Roneal shone brightly in the Humorous Speech competition. Laughter filled the room as these speakers tickled every funny bone. Jaime showed us how to be human is to be funny. Arnold spoke passionately on the cause of vegetable rights. Roneal really broke the ice and shared funny stories about his contrarian mom. Kudos to Roneal for selecting a humor speech as his first speech!

We were blessed to have renowned division champion Anthony Hogan as test speaker. Anthony delivered a speech about the importance of keeping an eye on our cyberself. Five contestants then took the stage and gave Anthony feedback on the speech. We learned from the evaluators about how the speaker can build suspense by leaning in and whispering. It was also pointed out that speaking too fast can be hard for the audience to follow.

Peninsula Club congratulates Jaime for being voted the winner of the Humor Contest. Congratulations also goes out to Jack, Eugenia, and Tryn respectively for being the top three finishers in the Evaluation Contest. We have no doubt Jaime and Jack will make us all very proud at the Area contest!

Hearty congratulations go out to Tryn, Roneal, Arnold, Platon, and Jennifer for taking up the challenge and showing your mettle on stage. Unfortunately, we can only send one club winner to each Area contest, but you all won our hearts on Thursday evening!

Big thank you goes out to Loni and Ed and all the functionaries who planned and executed the contest. Your first club contest was a success!

To all the Peninsula members who showed up to support the club and fellow members, thank you for your energy and dedication. Everything we do at the club is for you. Contest videos will be posted next week and additional pictures will be added! Enjoy the slideshow!

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Photos From The Officers Installation

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