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How Letting Go Can Strengthen Your Leadership

negotiationReynier Lezcano, author of Executive Wisdom: Reflections for Today’s Leaders, discusses how letting go can make you a better leader.

He came to the conclusion that the overwhelming majority of business executives think of leadership as a bureaucratic function of business, requiring lots of academic formation and business exposure, along with an empirical approach. On the contrary, true leadership entails plenty of trust and dependability.

It takes a true leader to motivate others to jump on board and take a business out of the red and into profitability. To read about a perfect example of what motivational leadership is all about, click HERE.


The Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day

Glenn Llopis states that leadership is a learned behavior that becomes unconscious and automatic over time.  Many people wonder how leaders know how to make the best decisions, often under immense pressure.  The most successful leaders are instinctual decision makers.   This is why most senior executives will tell you they depend strongly upon their “gut-feel” when making difficult decisions at a moment’s notice.

Also, successful leadership becomes learned and instinctual over a period of time. Successful leaders have learned the mastery of anticipating business patterns, finding opportunities in pressure situations, serving the people they lead and overcoming hardships.

To learn about the 15 things you must do automatically, every day, to be a successful leader in the workplace, click HERE.

11 Simple Concepts to Become a Better Leader

Dave Kerpen, the CEO of Likeable Local, says that being likeable will help you in your job, business, relationships, and life. The author interviewed dozens of successful business leaders for his book, Likeable Business: Why Today’s Consumers Demand More and How Leaders Can Deliver, to find out what made them so likeable and their companies so successful. Kerpen states that while all of the concepts are simple, we often lose sight of the simple things – things that not only make us human, but can actually help us become more successful. To read about the eleven most important principles to integrate to become a better leader, click HERE.

How Can You Improve Your Business Presentations?

While you may have given many formal and informal presentations to a professional audience, you need to ask yourself if your presentations are effective, motivational and  inspiring. 

You may need to revisit some presentation fundamentals if it has been a while since you’ve received positive comments about a presentation. To read about some presentation pointers, click HERE.

Building the Communication Skills You Need

Do you aspire to lead a team or an organization? If so, have you thought about the communication skills that you will need?

Effective leaders successfully connect with people and build a shared vision of the future. Being a strong communicator can significantly enhance your chances of success. Whether it’s one-on-one, or with a group,  people need to believe in you and your message before they’ll follow you.

To read about the core capabilities that the author recommends every leader develop, click HERE.

Say What You Mean: Using Body Language to Send a Message

SWYMWhether you’re about to embark on a college interview, a first date or a job interview, making a good first impression goes farther than you may realize. The little things you do with your hands, arms, face and feet have the power to present you as confident and engaged, or make you seem nervous and uninterested. As such, body language can make or break how you’re perceived.

To read about some of the best tips and tricks in positive body language from, click HERE.

Also, click HERE for a link to the original infographic.

Five Presentation Mistakes Everyone Makes

Everyone knows what it’s like to sit through a bad presentation. The flaws — too long, too boring, indecipherable, what have you — are easy to see when we watch others speak. The thing is, when we take the stage ourselves, many of us fall into the same traps.

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