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Peninsula Toastmasters has moved!

We have relocated.

Our new Toastamasters home is:

333 Gellert Blvd in Daly City, CA.

We meet in the Conference Room on the 2nd floor.

Our meeting days are every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

Our meeting times are: 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.


May 28th 2014 TM Meeting

8 members and 4 guests showed up for our meeting from last night’s meeting. It was exciting to feel the electricity of the group. Marilou is back as the Foodmaster! The food is delicious as usual.

Congrats to the following:
Best Table Topics Award (tie): Jovi and Richard (guest)
Best Speaker: Arnold
Best Evaluator: AJ for evaluating Arnold’s speech.

See everyone on our next meeting: June 11th [7 pm) at 333 Gellert Blvd. 2nd Floor Conference Room.

See you there.


Starting out…


Remember when you were just starting out in Toastmasters? You’ve fumbled, used notes, being nervous and didn’t know how your speeches were going to turn out?

Being a beginner is the greatest thing that you have done.  You took action to become the greatest speaker that you can be.  Sometimes, I envy the advanced speakers because they are soooo good! Well…I can’t be them but I can be me.

Just keep advancing and you’ll be completing your certification faster than you  know it.





Peninsula Toastmasters San Bruno: Effective Practice Technqiues

Click here for the article “A Better Way to Practice”:

Practice makes “perfect”.
John never installed flooring before. He never practiced this before.  What could go wrong?
John decided to install laminate flooring instead of hiring a professional. He skipped a lot of steps like measuring. No time to figure out a solution. The deadline is 2 days. He broke 10 more pieces but no problem. He had extra flooring to cover his mistakes. He met his deadline. The flooring project was done! Except for one problem…The flooring was crooked! He had to spend another $500 of flooring panels to start over again. 
When practicing your {fill in the blank}, sometimes you have to take a break and just walk away from a problem and let the solution come to you…This is one of many tips this article tells you during your practice sessions.
Click on the link on how a violinist views practice sessions. You can replace musician, violinist with your favorite activity….

How I Conquered The Fear of Public Speaking

Before I joined Toastmasters,  no one could understand me. My co-workers and I seemingly spoke different languages.  And worst of all…I avoided ANY chance…to speak because I was scared to death of causing further confusion and embarassment. I’d rather have a root canal than speak in front of a live audience. Do you feel the same way?

Please see the embedded video below or click HERE for the direct link.

Introductory Message From Our New Vice President of Public Relations

Hello Peninsula Toastmasters and guests! I wanted to introduce myself to you through video. It’s going to be an exciting 2012-2013. I just wanted to throw myself out there so you can get to know me better. Please  see the embedded video below or click HERE for the direct link.