Say What You Mean: Using Body Language to Send a Message

SWYMWhether you’re about to embark on a college interview, a first date or a job interview, making a good first impression goes farther than you may realize. The little things you do with your hands, arms, face and feet have the power to present you as confident and engaged, or make you seem nervous and uninterested. As such, body language can make or break how you’re perceived.

To read about some of the best tips and tricks in positive body language from, click HERE.

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2 responses to “Say What You Mean: Using Body Language to Send a Message

  1. It’s really a great info-graphic!
    I believe most people can apply some of these tips easily enough – especially the ones about eye contact.

    I do believe however that we need to remember that these tips are generalized – there’s no “one” way of doing things. Sure these tips can help you look more interested and attentive and probably leave a better first impression – but we need to remember we’re not robots – sometimes doing something different can serve us better.

    • Thank you for the important caveat. I also believe that most people ALREADY know how to exhibit good body language, but only in certain situations and with certain people e.g. with family and friends at a party. It may be easier to simply reframe the mindset and get into a relaxed state to allow the right body language to flow. If one simply cannot relax, then a few memorized pointers would provide some of the same benefits.