How to Maintain a Singular Focus and Maximize Your Productivity

You may think that you get more done by juggling 10 things at once. But in actuality, multitasking slows you down. Studies have shown that people who multitask are far less efficient, taking up to 30% longer to complete the tasks with twice as many errors.

Since the human brain is designed to work best when focused on a single task, switching between tasks means it has to forget the rules of the first task and apply the rules of the new task. This is how the brain gets bogged down and starts making mistakes. Also, there are inefficiencies that result from switching back and forth between tasks. Single focus means no time is wasted remembering where you were in the process of completing your task and in getting back into the flow of the project.

To learn three techniques to help you maintain your focus and get your tasks done efficiently, click HERE.


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