Peninsula Toastmasters Story Night #1

Do you realize that your entire life can be told in a series of short stories? Stories truly capture the essence of our human experience and our true character. To honor this powerful tool of emotional experience, our next Peninsula Toastmasters meeting will be our first ever Story Night ™!

Our program is straightforward: We will take turns on stage to tell a story we’ve heard or one from our own life. Please note that you will not be giving a regular Toastmasters “speech”. It should be a simple story that you might tell at a party or a family gathering. To keep the atmosphere relaxed, there will not be an evaluation for the storyteller! The only requirement is that you tell an interesting story and that you keep it between 3 – 7 minutes.

The Toastmaster will contact everyone individually to get the speaking order and the title of the story you will tell. Remember that while you are not required to tell a story, it is “Story Night” so you will be expected to speak. Guests are not required to share a story unless they wish to! Need some inspiration for your story? Visit the Moth Organization to check out some amazing (and true) stories told live!

To celebrate the beginning of what will undoubtedly be a grand tradition, we will start things off with a potluck party starting at 7:30PM. Feel fee to bring food to share if you’d like! You may sign up on the front page of the website.


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