How to Avoid Bad Presentations

Have you ever suffered through a bad presentation? It’s likely that you’ve sat through more bad presentations than good ones, especially if you’ve been a member of the Toastmasters community!  of lists the six most common faux pas of the infamous “bad presenter”. Of course, it’s rare to find someone who makes all six mistakes in the same presentation, but it’s likely that you’ve stumbled on at least one of these mistakes. Here’s a common one:

Start by Disqualifying Yourself

In an effort to say something, a person can  immediately disqualify themselves with one of the following statements:

“I’m not exactly an expert on this subject”

(Oh? Then why should we listen to you?)

“I really don’t know what to say”

(Then why are you up there?)

“Ummmm… so… yeah….ummmm… my presentation…”

(Speak with purpose! Don’t just open your mouth to say…something.)

“I hope you don’t find my presentation boring”

(This conveys a serious lack of confidence in your presentation.)

This one, more than any other, is attributed to lack of confidence and nervousness, but these statements are credibility killers. Unless you’re using those as a specific lead-in to what you’re going to say, your audience will have already pegged you as a mediocre presenter (at best). To get you through this crucial moment, take a deep breath in and just start your presentation.

Click HERE to learn the other five pitfalls of bad presentations. How many of these do you find yourself committing?


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