Reminder About Membership Dues

The next membership period for Toastmasters is fast approaching (April 1, 2012 – September 30, 2012). The Toastmasters International membership rate is staying the same at $6.00 per month and the club dues at $3.50 per month. The total fee for renewing members is $57.00 (plus a $1.59 fee for PayPal payment or a $1.61 fee for credit card payment). Please plan to pay either at the March 15 meeting or before the end of the month. We know that money is tight in this economy and we thank you for your investment in yourself and your continued support of our club.

Peninsula Toastmasters will begin to phase out cash and check payments from members. The reason for the transition is to enhance the efficiency of our treasury operations. The $1.60 convenience fee for electronic transactions is well worth the convenience of instant payment and automated record-keeping. While we are re-distributing part of the cost of transaction to each member, we are also reducing costs overall for the Treasurer and for the club at large.

We are introducing SquareUp to our members as an easy and convenient way to pay for dues. You simply bring your credit card or debit card to the meeting and swipe your card on our club card reader. An email receipt will be immediately emailed to you. You can also pay via PayPal by sending your payment to:


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