Member Spotlight – Jaime Espiritu

This week Peninsula Toastmaster sits down with one of our members from the film industry, Jaime Espiritu. Jaime first joined our club two years ago. He had been an officer in our club and is half way to his Competent Communicator goal. Jaime currently works full time at his video production company, Visual Creations Productions (VCP Film). VCP Film specializes in generating short video productions for clients in the non-profit and private sector. Be sure to visit Jaime’s website at

1. What is VCP and why do people choose you to help tell their stories?

Visual Creations Productions is a boutique video production company that specializes in creating 60 second video promotions for small businesses and non profit organizations. We also create customized videos on request. People choose us because I’m easy to work with. They think of me as a trusted advisor to bring in and convert potential customers into buying customers. I’m their creative consultant to help them deliver their marketing messages.  Non-profit organizations love my work because I help them create compelling video stories that make people think and touch their emotions.

2. Do you consider yourself an artist?

I do. I worked in the IT field for about 11 yearsl at a major San Francisco law firm. This skill was self taught and I had the passion for IT. I was being paid well. At the same time, video was a hobby at about the same time I was doing IT. After being burned out, I decided to pursue it as a business and to help small businesses.  I started video by creating wedding stories for brides. I put together 40 minute stories by including interviews of the bride and groom’s wedding day. As an artist, you love to touch people’s hearts and remind people of their special day.

3. Why did you choose film as your medium?

I had the passion for film since I was a child. I wanted things that no child would dare ask for. My first thing I wanted was a still camera. I learned from my dad on what not to do when creating home movies.

My video hobby started out in the church as a ministry at the same time I worked in the IT industry. I created stories about our homeless ministries that fed the homeless. In the business world, creativity really takes a backseat. You create videos to help bring in more profits. You really have to create videos that small business owners want. They are the experts in their field and I partner with them to create a visual story for them

4. What is your goal as a filmmaker?

I want to touch people’s hearts. I want to create things that help people out. Everyone is being called to have one assignment in life. Mine happens to be video. It’s my passion. It’s my duty to share my gift to everyone who cares to watch and to listen. As a Christian, I also want to tell stories that spreads the Gospel throughout the world.

5. How did Toastmasters help you hone your skills?

Toastmasters helped me get over my stage fright by speaking in front of people. Table topics improved my improvisional skills in business. When someone asks me a question that doesn’t relate to anything we are talking about, I can quickly react with an clever answer.

Toastmasters helps me with telling effective stories by telling them to a person or telling them through video. Toastmasters also helped me bring out my personality when speaking.  I use these skills heavily in my video marketing videos that I create on my website. Although I use a teleprompter for speaking in front of the camera, the little things like body language and vocal variation has helped my video presentations run smoother.


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