Recap From 2012.03.01 Meeting

New members are the oxygen that sustains the life force of a Toastmasters club. With this fact in mind, Peninsula Toastmasters Club warmly welcomes Cheryl and Neiasha to the club. We hope that you will bring new energy and new enthusiasm to Peninsula! We were also honored by the presence of several guests including our old friend Ricardo and our new friend Orlando.

Our Table Topics theme was musical. Members had to take on the character of a music artist who wrote a hit song and had to explain why they wrote the song. Some classic hits such as “Beat It“, “Tonight’s the Night” “Funky Town“, “Pants on the Ground,” and “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight” were selected and our ersatz rockstars came up with some very creative stories behind those songs! Kudos to all the new members and guests for your enthusiastic participation. Congratulations to Neiasha for winning best Table Topics! Next time you should wear your sequined gloves on one hand!

Our first speakers for the evening was Arnold. He gave an encore performance for his speech titled “Little Things”. Arnold masterfully showed us that whether it’s voting ballot chads in Florida or speech feedback written on small scraps of paper, little things really do make a big difference.

Our second speaker for the evening was Loni. She gave an uplifting performance on the importance of pursuing our dreams. If we could pursue our dreams with even half of the zeal shown by stars like Susan Boyle and Mahatmas Ghandi, who knows what heights we might reach?

Our third speaker for the evening was Eugenia. She gave a special occasion speech, which was a toast to her respected colleague Helenka. A toast is a relatively short speech, but short speeches may be more forceful than longer ones with the right energy and the right delivery. Eugenia’s speech definitely fit that description. We toast her for her performance!

Thanks again to all the members and guests who participated in our meeting last Thursday. You are truly a blessing to this club. We hope to see you on March 15!


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