Vocal Presence Workshop

From East Palo Alto, United States to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Lauri Smith has witnessed firsthand how connecting to one’s purpose and speaking from The Voice Within can empower people to find and strengthen their literal and figurative voices.  Come listen as she shares her own journey of listening to, speaking from and living from “The Voice Within”.  During this event Lauri will explain and demonstrate the power of Vocal Presence™ work for advanced speakers. Here is what professional speakers have to say about Lauri’s workshop:

“Lauri’s Vocal Presence ™ Coaching provides the missing link in presentation coaching … [Her] amazing coaching ability helped me integrate the important physical and emotional elements required in giving a presentation.” —Lynn Fraley, NSA/NC

“…as a speaker, spending just a short time with Lauri greatly improved my ability to communicate with clarity and authenticity.” —Paul Larsen, Pro-track (NSA/NC)

“Lauri creates a safe space for aspiring speakers. I appreciated her coaching and showing me directly how my breathing was holding me back.” —Manuela Paurer, Pro-track (NSA/NC)

The Vocal Presence Workshop will be take place on Tuesday February 28th 7:00PM at the held at the San Mateo County Community College District Offices (SMCCCD) Board Room. For more event details, click HERE.


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