2012 Spring Club Contest Recap

The Spring Contest is an annual event where club members compete in the International Speech and Table Topics contest. It’s one of the two premier events in the Toastmasters Club calendar, with the Fall contest being the other.

The International Speech is the highlight of the year not just for the club, but for the entire Toastmasters organization. Winners from the clubs go on to compete in the Area, the Division, the District, and finally in the the World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS). Many former WCPS winners and runners-up have gone on to launch a fabulous career as professional speakers. Rory Vaden, Craig Valentine, and Darren LaCroix are just some of speakers you may have heard of. You may check out video of recent WCPS winners HERE.

Two Thursdays ago, Peninsula Toastmasters also took their turn in the spotlight. The International Speech is 5-7′ and the topic is usually of an inspirational nature. The Table Topics Contest is the same as the usual Table Topics and contestants have 1 – 2′ to answer the question. Arnold, Julie, August, and Eugenia took part in the International Speech Contest. Platon, Loni, and Arnold filled out the slate for the Table Topics. Platon and Julie were first-time competitors in the contest! Ed was the Contest Toastmaster and Timothy was the Chief Judge.

The competition in the Table Topics was fierce and the winner had to be decided by the Secret Tie-Break Judge (It was Jaime! Shhh). The question was if people can still find success and all three contestants acquitted themselves well with thoughtful answers. Loni was the winner and will represent Peninsula Toastmasters at the Area Contest next month.

The International Speech contest was an eye-opening experience. What a difference a year makes! Any of this year’s contestants could have won the club contest last year. The individual improvements were remarkable, especially for Julie and Jaime. Arnold took home the Gold with a speech about little things that make a big difference. Arnold will join Loni at the Area Contest. Chief Judge Timothy claims that he deserves credit for coming up with the speech idea during Arnold’s last evaluation. Whatever, man.

One of the hallmarks of a good club is the level of competition at the Spring Contest. We are pleased then, to give Peninsula high marks! We thank all the participants and functionaries for their outstanding performances. You are truly what makes the club special.

We only wish that more members had been present to enjoy the many great individual performances. Speeches are meant to be heard. No one gives a speech to an empty room. Please remember that we are a community and we need to support each other even if we’re not participating as contestants. We can always use more judges!  Who knows, maybe you will be inspired to compete in the next contest!

See you on Thursday, March 1st at 7:15PM!


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