Member Spotlight – Tryn

This week, we turn our focus to one of our new members, Tryn. Tryn studied Multimedia Arts and Technology at College of San Mateo. She is very active in her community and in her church, the Church of the Highlands, where she serves administrative support functions. Tryn has been around Toastmaster clubs for years, and joined Peninsula Toastmasters last year.

Tryn was kind enough to to take some time to answer some of questions we’ve all been dying to ask:

1. Where are you from and what’s interesting about it?

I am San Francisco-born, and what is interesting about  it, is the people I encounter everyday, and the environment i embrace walking the streets , it is inviting as well as it is very welcoming and engaging, You get a taste and feel of everything. The atmosphere is very bright, and shines with a view of the whole city

2. What was your fondest memory growing up?

The fondest memory I had growing up, was playing soccer, as well engaging in musical and theater extra curricular activities.

3. What’s important to you?

The things that are of importance to me, is encouraging, motivating, inspiring, supporting other’s. The different dynamics of personalities of people and getting to know people are also really important to me.

4. What do you like?

Things I like, are getting to know people, hanging out with friend’s, texting, movie’s, ice cream,  sushi, Facebook, organizing get together’s,  Toastmaster’s, church activities, school involved functions, friend’s, cooking, health, and sports.

5. What do you dislike?

Things I dislike are cliques among friend’s, pet names, negative feelings, soup,  reading, and pet peeves. Did I say soup yet?

That’s about it from Tryn for now. Please say hello and introduce yourself to Tryn at a future meeting! Keep an eye out for our next member spotlight! If you’d like to be featured, please contact Timothy. Even if you’re not a new member, we want to get to know you better!


One response to “Member Spotlight – Tryn

  1. Thank you so much! That makes my morning! “Did i say soup yet”? That is so funny!