Member Spotlight – Scott

A hallmark of Peninsula Toastmasters is our intimate family atmosphere. Perhaps that’s why so many members bring their children or siblings to the meeting! But when a club becomes too large, we don’t get a chance to talk to everyone before or after the meeting. To help maintain our friendly atmosphere and to promote member interaction, we would like to kick off a new interview series that spotlights individual members. This is an especially great opportunity to learn more about new club members.

This week, we turn our focus to our newest Toastmaster, Scott. Scott is a sales and marketing team lead at a leading enterprise video solutions provider. He was a Toastmaster member a long time ago and received his CTM (CC), but has just recently come back into the Toastmasters community after an absence.

We asked Scott to answer five questions below:

1. Where are you from and what’s interesting about it?

San Antonio, TX. The River Walk is interesting about San Antonio.

2. What was your fondest memory growing up?

Just the time I spent with my family.  I miss them often.

3. What’s important to you?

Family and friends and my GF.

4. What do you like?

I like growing and constantly striving to get better every day.

5. What do you dislike?

I don’t dislike much.  My life is pretty great right now.

That’s about it from Scott for now. Please say hello and introduce yourself to him at the next meeting! Keep an eye out for our next member spotlight! If you’d like to be featured, please contact Timothy. Even if you’re not a new member, we want to get to know you better!


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