Recap From 2012.01.19 Meeting

Peninsula Toastmasters braved the rain, chill, and darkness to attend last Thursday’s meeting! We are grateful for your support. Everything we do is for you! Here are some of the meeting highlights from Thursday:

1. Scott and Lorraine were our honored guests for the evening. Scott is a first-time visitor to our club, but he is a many-years experienced Toastmaster. He made a grand entrance by delivering his sales meeting speech as his Ice Breaker. We applaud Scott for his courage and determination for self-improvement. Scott will be a great addition to his sales team and hopefully to our club too!

2. Julie was our second speaker and spun a tale about the curse of California: Earthquakes! We received a history lesson about the 1906 earthquake and a science lesson about the San Andreas fault. As usual, Julie was charming and a delight to the eyes and ears. If only my high school teachers were half as interesting, I’d have fallen asleep less often.

3. Arnold was our third speaker for the evening and the title of his speech was “Prevention.” Arnold talked about how little things can often make a big difference for our health. His speech was full of insightful quote and interesting stories about characters to whom we can relate. There was a joyousness in his delivery that we could all feel.

4. Our Speech Evaluators did an outstanding job, as usual. Jack, Arnold, and Timothy identified the positive aspects of each performance and pointed out areas for improvement. Great evaluations are the foundation for better speeches and we are thankful for their indispensable contribution.

5. Lastly, but not least, we thank Jackie, her friend “Rachel”, and Chris for their participation. Toastmasters is a family affair! We love having friends, family, and random roommates attend the meetings and look forward to their first speech!

Lastly, we wish you a happy Lunar New Year of the Dragon! May 2012 be a successful and prosperous one for you and for our club!


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