How to Disagree At Meetings

Joel Garfinkle, author of Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level, says that sharing your opinion at a meeting is vital, even if it is contrary to what others are saying. Your participation is essential to the success of the collaborative process and to reaching a solution. As Joel says, if you don’t plan to speak, why even attend the meeting?

“People only become aware of your experience, knowledge capital, and expertise if you share at meetings”, he says. “If you don’t share your knowledge, everyone misses out. You’re shortchanging the meeting—and the entire organization—by not contributing. Your coworkers lose because they don’t get the benefit of your opinions and knowledge. They miss out on the suggestions and valuable information you could potentially share. Good leaders want people who disagree. They want to be challenged with counter opinions.”

To learn about the five tips Joel gives for how to disagree at meetings in a positive and productive way, click HERE.


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