The Truth About Job Interviews

In an economy with 10% unemployment and 15% underemployment, everyone is looking for an edge when they finally come face-t0-face with an interviewer. Despite this huge demand for information, most of the interview tips we read are trivial, misleading, or even wrong (Ed: Send a Thank You note!).

Charles Baumer is an entrepreneur, technology blogger, and website consultant who has been on both sides of the interview table at many Fortune 500 companies. Baumer casts political correctness to the wind as he rains cold, hard truths on job seekers everywhere. Here’s Baumer’s take on the importance of knowing what you like about your job:

I always ask people what they like most about their current job before I get into any details about a role. Why? I want to see if you’ll be happy working in this new job. If you can’t tell me anything you like, or you tell me something you like but it sounds really generic? Then forget it, I have no idea what you want to do in life and you probably don’t either. Come see me when you know what you want to do ….

The worst answers? “Well I like the challenge” or some other BS. Don’t BS me. I have a super BS detector, and most other interviewers do too. The worst BS is the kind where more than 50% of candidates say the same thing. If you can’t be original about what you like about your unique job how can I expect you to be creative working for me?

For more of Charle’s irreverent take on the ideal interview candidate, click HERE. Check out the many juicy comments after the article as well.


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