Improve Your Body Language: Give the Right Impression

One of the first things one notices about a person is their body language. Body language is an important part of face-to-face communication, as it help to set the tone of the conversation. Some experts believe that body language is 90% of what we actually communicate with when we speak!

Indeed other than the words we speak, our body language best conveys our thoughts, confidence and honesty. By studying these non-verbal cues, one can easily gauge what is actually going on in our minds and whether we are being honest in our words or not. A person’s body language makes a huge difference in their likeability factor, self-confidence and people skills thus enhancing their overall personality. One should be very conscious about his/her body language. As many a times we unintentionally send wrong message with some of our gestures.

However,  the author indicates that learning to present oneself as a poised and polite person is very easy. To learn how to improve your non-verbal communication with others, click HERE.


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