The Trouble With Bright Kids

It can be difficult to unlock one’s full potential due to obstacles preventing one from reaching their goals professionally, academically and personally. However, most people don’t realize that one of the most difficult challenges that they’ll have to overcome lies within themselves.

People with above-average aptitudes — the ones we recognize as being especially clever, creative, insightful, or otherwise accomplished — often judge their abilities not only more harshly, but fundamentally differently, than others do (particularly in Western cultures).  Gifted children grow up to be more vulnerable, and less confident, even when they should be the most confident people in the room.

To read about the compelling effect that praise has on us as children, click HERE.


One response to “The Trouble With Bright Kids

  1. Love the article. I was classified as a gifted child in elementary school. I did overcome the obstacles and the high expectations of being one.