Christmas Potluck Party On Thursday

To whom do we owe the gift of the fascinating word Potluck? As with so many other things, we can thank the British! In 16th century, English author and playwright Thomas Nashe coined the term to describe food that was provided to an unexpected or uninvited guest! It was later adopted to describe any casual communal meal where everyone participated in the food preparation.

Peninsula Toastmasters follows in this grand tradition of the potluck as we celebrate our FIRST annual Peninsula Toastmasters Christmas Potluck! Bring a guest! Friends and family are always welcome! Even those who are unexpected or uninvited! In lieu of our regular meeting functionaries, we will only have Speakers, Evaluators, and a Toastmaster to oversee the proceedings. And in the unlikely event the spoken word does not fill you up, we will also have great food, drinks, games, and much much more! We guarantee that it will be a delightful meeting filled with old friends, new friends, and warm, smiling faces! All we ask is that you bring your appetite (and if you’re in the mood, a tasty dish for sharing)! It’s not too late to sign up at our homepage!

Happy holidays from your friends at Peninsula Toastmasters! We hope to see you on Thursday!


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