A Request For A Cherished Member

Jaime Espiritu is a Peninsula Toastmaster in absentia. He has been away for a few months, but we still miss him and love him very much. His sister is dealing with a serious illness and is in very precarious state. Here’s Jaime in his own words.

Hi, Everyone Just wanted to check into the club. I do miss it everyone but I had a couple of family illnesses. My sister was diagnosed on October 27th with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and she isn’t a smoker! She was recovering nicely a couple of days ago and then suddenly a cancer cell poked through her lung. Her right lung collapsed. She had to have intubination (tubes down her throat) to keep breathing oxygen into her lungs. I do believe in miraculous healing. God is in control…

Please join me in prayer for healing and renewal for Jaime’s sister. As well, please send Jaime an encouraging word or well wishes on our Facebook Wall. You may also email Jaime directly at his Email. Let’s show our support for Jaime and his family as they weather this difficult ordeal.



One response to “A Request For A Cherished Member

  1. jaime espiritu

    Thanks, Everyone. The post on here was when my sister was placed on life support. She passed away last Monday. This was a rough 3 weeks. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Here’s her blog: http://agnesEseisa.blogspot.com/