Lessons in Winning Gracefully from Coach K

Mike Krzyzewski, head coach of Duke University men’s basketball team,  recently set a record with his 903rd win in NCAA Division I competition.  With the win, he passed his mentor and former coach Bobby Knight as the winningest men’s coach in Division history. More importantly, the coach showed grace, gratitude and perspective after setting the record.

If you’re fortunate as a leader, there will be times when you can see a big win coming up before it happens.  In Coach K’s case, it was a lock that he was going to break the record this season, it was just a question of when.  By thinking in advance how he wanted to handle himself if he won at MSG in front of his old coach, he created an opportunity to show leaders how to win gracefully.

To read about the lessons that can be learned from Coach K’s example, click HERE.


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