Get More Confidence At Work

Do you want more confidence at work? Studies show that confident people are more likely to be promoted at work and achieve higher performance relative to their peers who are less confident. Confident people are also tend to persevere when things aren’t going their way and are more likely to overcome obstacles that stand between themselves and success. They also report greater satisfaction with their lives.

Forbes magazine recently published a simple 10-step plan to boost your confidence at work. Many of these tips are applicable to anything you want to have more confidence in, including public speaking! Check out the tips that are particularly relevant to Toastmasters below

Step 8. Once You Master Something, Stretch
Nothing erodes self-confidence like shooting fish in a barrel. Add more challenge to every task you tackle and your self-confidence will grow in lockstep. Level off for too long and you’ll be on the slick slope to burnout.

Step 9. Never Solicit What You Hope Will Be Confidence-boosting Feedback
“How am I doin’?” may a good question for politicians to ask their constituents, but it’s a bad question for those looking to boost confidence—mainly because it smacks of insecurity and probably won’t lead to honest feedback.

For more confidence boosting tips, click HERE.


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