Recap From 2011.11.17 Meeting

Peninsula Toastmasters braved the rain, chill, and darkness to attend last Thursday’s meeting. We are grateful for your support. Everything we do is for you. Here are some of the meeting highlights from Thursday:

1. Zach and Rick were our guests from Apex Systems Inc. located in San Bruno. Zach stole the spotlight right from the start with a hilarious (and true) story about being the first Korean American to be honored by the Prime Minister of Korea without actually being, you know, Korean. PTM congratulates Zach for taking the Jokemaster role at his first meeting. It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of a new audience to tell a joke while sober. We look forward to hearing more from Zach in future meetings. Be sure to check out Apex Systems for your IT outsourcing needs!

2. Tryn prepared an interesting Table Topic centered around the theme of the meeting: Holiday Festivities. We learned a lot about which holidays were member favorites and why activities they engaged in during those holidays. Tryn prepared her questions very well and we thank her for her attention to detail and commitment to creativity. Our guests also participated in Table Topics and Rick won for Best Table Topics!

3. Lita was our sole speaker for the evening and she took us through the preparation of her favorite recipe: Stuffed chicken/turkey! Cornbread, butter, and bacon, oh my! Her mouthwatering description definitely made us yearn to taste her culinary masterpiece at our Potluck Party! Even her Evaluator Eugenia docked her style points for making us hungry! Lita promised to upload the recipe to the Webmaster and we will definitely hold her to that promise.

If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for Roles for our next meeting. We hope to see you again on December 1st! Be sure to sign up for our Potluck Party on December 15th!

Lastly, best wishes for a Wonderful Thanksgiving holiday from your friends at Peninsula Toastmasters!


One response to “Recap From 2011.11.17 Meeting

  1. Wow! Thanks Tim, I really appreciate the sentiment about the table topics i presented! It really means so much to me about my organizational skills were presented! Something i can gain and learn more from!