Recap From 2011.11.03 Meeting

The theme for last Thursday’s Peninsula Toastmasters meeting was “Transformation”, both reflecting the speech topics, as well as everyone’s desire to change ourselves for the better.

The evening’s Toastmaster, Ed, began by intoducing the meeting’s Jokemaster, Roneal. He described a bet between two men that was very funny, yet painful-sounding. Next up was Words of Wisdom and August gave us a set of five powerful guidelines to live by.  Table Topics was headed up by Timothy, who contrasted old and new versions of various products and challenged the speakers to explain why they preferred one iteration over the other.

The evening first prepared speech was an Icebreaker, delivered by Jennifer. She gave everyone a taste of what it was like to grow up in the Philippines and how an innocent misunderstanding about the value of money nearly led to bedlam at her school.

The next speaker was Jack, who explained the meaning of the different moons in Chinese culture and how they tie in with the dragon boat races. He also described the importance of lion dances and identified the types of lions featured and dances that are performed.

Evaluating Jennifer’s speech was Roneal, who offered praise for the heartfelt nature of her speech, while pointing out areas where her speech mechanics could be improved. Jack’s evaluator Loni appreciated the information that Jack offered up and also suggested possible improvements to the speech delivery and vocal variety.

Alberto served as a guest General Evaluator for the evening. He stressed the importance of giving passionate and honest feedback and engaging the entire audience, so that everyone will have an opportunity to grow.

Loni did double duty by serving as the timer, while Ed also took on additional roles by being the Ah-Counter and Grammarian.

All in all, it was another successful meeting. The speakers had opportunities to refine their skills, while the audience learned much about the cultures and backgrounds of the participants. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on November 17.


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