Recap From 2011.10.20 Meeting

Last Thursday we held our annual Halloween-themed meeting. In keeping with the spirit of the meeting, several members dressed up for the occasion. The costumes ranged from fairy tale characters to everyday people. The festive atmosphere filled our hearts and the potluck food filled our stomachs as we began the meeting.

Many great speakers were lined up for the night, and the Meeting Toastmaster August dove right into the proceedings. First up was Tom, our very own Area H4 Governor. As the guest speaker, he kicked off the meeting by regaling the audience with the history and customs of Mardi Gras. Tom really set the mood for a great evening of speeches.

Next up was Roneal, one of our new members, who gave an educational speech reminding everyone about the importance of taking care of our bodies through proper diet and exercise. Jaime gave everyone yet another preview of his Division Contest Humorous Speech with his painfully funny recollection of all of his traffic stop incidents. Loni followed with an inspirational speech describing the systems of success and how hard work and perseverance pave the path to our dreams. Last, but certainly not least, was Jack who demonstrated why he could be considered a miracle worker with the way he restores people’s smiles through his masterful dentistry.

Our evaluators for the evening included Julie, Jack, Eugenia, and Loni. All of them offered warm praise in addition to valuable tips for improvement. Jennifer did a commendable job serving as the Ah-Counter and Grammarian, while Tryn reliably worked the stopwatch and lights as the Timer.

At the end of the evening, Loni and Jack were announced as the Best Evaluator and Best Speaker for the evening, respectively. When the votes were tallied for the costume contest, Jamie took the crown for the Best Costume with his vampire outfit. Check out our Halloween photos on the front page to scare up a laugh or two.

As always, the participation and high spirits of the meeting attendees led to a great time at Peninsula Toastmasters. We are also grateful for the visit and speech by our Area Governor. We hope to see you at our next meeting on November 3rd.


One response to “Recap From 2011.10.20 Meeting

  1. Thx President Ed for the meeting report. It was a great fun meeting with the seasonal theme. You are an excellent organizer as always. Cheers to August for being the TM and all the members who dressed for the occasion.
    Have a nice week, everyone.

    Toastmasterly yours,

    Jack the toothman Chow