Why Tryn Joined Toastmasters

In recent years, I have been part of many Toastmasters clubs in my quest to become a motivational public speaker. Because  I had been confident in public speaking,  but was not able to handle constructive criticism and nervousness while speaking, it was very hard for me to compose myself before and while speaking, so I was encouraged to join Toastmasters to work on those skills and to learn from and grow from these improvements.

My goals is to develop and improve efficient communication, leadership, networking, and growth skills to become a motivational and professional speaker. And that is also why i joined Toastmasters. I also want to get to know other Toastmasters who are working on the same skills, so I can more quickly grow and develop those skills from constructive professional feedback in the club.

Toastmasters has really benefited and inspired me to become the confident speaker I was born to be! The support system is the most amazing feeling and experience I have ever had! That support will always benefit me to develop communication and leadership skills! I feel confident that after joining Toastmasters, I will reach my dream of becoming a motivational public speaker.

-Tryn Miller, Member

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2 responses to “Why Tryn Joined Toastmasters

  1. Thank you for your story, Tryn. Your lofty aspirations are truly inspiring.

  2. Thank you Tim! I am truly inspired by the support system have had and my aspirations of becoming an inspirational motivational speaker are progressing because of Toastmaster’s