Recap From 2011.09.15 Meeting

Our meeting last Thursday was a memorable DOUBLE ICE BREAKER meeting! It’s hard not to be amazed at the influx of fresh talent into the club! Here’s a sampling of what happened:

1. Timothy’s Table Topics session was all about delicious yet unhealthy wheat-based foods that we just can’t quit! Oh pizza, cookies, pasta, cinnamon rolls, cake, and pie! Why must you be so yummy!? It was cruel and unusual punishment to have such a mouth-watering topic when no one brought food!

2. Lita delivered her Dentyne Icebreaker ™ speech and it was so inspired! We learned about her life-transforming mission to Malawi and how it brought her into a closer relationship with her mother and with God. She said her trip was a blessing, but it was we who were blessed by her story and her energy.

3. Not to be outdone, Roneal also delivered his Dentyne Icebreaker ™ speech to the club! He told us about his upbringing in the Fiji, his passion about sports and the Oakland A’s, and his awareness of social issues and humanitarian causes. He also told us about how he loves to connect to people in his job in sales. If Roneal were a company, we would be rushing to our broker to buy up shares. Roneal’s stock price in the club is skyrocketing!

4. Jaime delivered his “Humans” speech in preparation for the area contest on Saturday. If you haven’t heard his amazing story about how the CHP pulled him over, Saturday’s Area contest will be your last chance to hear it again for the first time!

5. Eugenia took us back to the 18th century in American history as she vividly described the life and times of the greatest President of all, Abraham Lincoln! Can you believe that Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg address himself? Eat your heart out, President Obama!

Lastly, we’d like to thank all the members who spent Thursday night with us. Your presence was an honor and a delight! We hope you will decide to renew with the club for the next term and continue to forge yourself into the Communicator and Leader of your dreams.

Our next meeting is October 6th. See you soon!

PS: We will proudly display the Dentyne Icebreaker ™ image every time someone gives an ice breaker speech! Thanks to Loni for the great idea!


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