Four Ways to Persuade

Marjorie Brody is a Hall of Fame speaker, coach to Fortune 500 executives, and author of more than 18 books, including Speaking is an Audience-Centered Sport. She is CEO of BRODY Professional Development, a business communication and presentation skills company.

In her article Presentation Power: Four Ways to Persuade, Marjorie explains that a presentation delivered with passion and enthusiasm makes the material more interesting. And in turn, the speaker becomes more memorable and inspirational – even persuasive!

According to Marjorie, there are four critical factors involved in making a presentation and presenter persuasive. Below is one offered by none other that Aristotle:


Translated from Greek, it means logic. Information must make sense – it needs to be organized logically so people can follow along. Not only is organization important, but so are the facts and figures that make your case. Information that hits the “head” falls into the logos category. Logic alone, however, isn’t enough to spur people to action — it’s critical to justify the movement. That’s why Aristotle said that along with logos, you also need pathos.

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