Recap From 2011.08.18 Meeting

If you missed our last meeting, you missed what was undoubtedly our most energetic meeting of the year! Here are just some of the meeting highlights:

1. Platon, one of our newest members, delivered his ice breaker speech. He used some of the principles explained in Ice Breakers Made Easy to tell us about how he became a chiropractic doctor. He chronicled his journey from achy skeptic to a well-adjusted skilled practitioner of the art.

2. Andrea gave us practical and simple tips on how to make our homes more energy efficient. Good intentions are useless without the proper knowledge and application!

3. Jaime gave an impassioned speech about America’s gluttonous addiction to oil. He helped us realize that if we look at our everyday choices with a microscope, we will truly understand the extent to which we unknowingly waste our precious energy source.

4.  Toastmaster Timothy did an outstanding job of uniting all the elements of the meeting harmoniously together under the theme of “Energy”. He conducted the meeting in a way that allowed members to explore and experience the different aspects of energy for a public speaker. He also showed us how to best utilize these aspects for maximum impact. For instance, he explained that the energy level of the audience and the speaker will tend to converge over time. The faster this happens and the more frequently the energy levels oscillate together, the more impact and deeper connection the speech will have.

Please join us on Sept 1st for our club Evaluation and Humorous Speech contest! All contestants will be videotaped and the videos will be available for review on YouTube!


3 responses to “Recap From 2011.08.18 Meeting

  1. August 1st should be September 1st! I noticed it when i read this

  2. Right you are! Thank you for reading carefully!