Ice Breakers Made Easy

Are you giving your ice breaker speech? Are you overwhelmed by how much information you are leaving out of your speech? STOP! Don’t try to fit your entire life into 4 – 6 minutes!

For your first speech, focus on one aspect of your life that “defines” you. Then build outward from that central theme and give the audience enough detail from your life experience to understand and appreciate that theme. Make sure it’s something that truly defines you as a person, be it mountain-climbing, singing in a choir, or cooking.

Say you’re a doctor and you want people to know more about how you became a doctor. How you became a doctor is your central theme. Now tell the audience about how events in your life have led you to the medical profession. Tell us about how as a child, you watched your father put his stethoscope on your chest and thought he was the most amazing healer in the world. Tell us about how seeing your sick grandmother in her bed convinced you that you’d like to spare others the suffering that your grandmother went through. Tell us about that one patient of yours whose courage made you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

You don’t need to go into how many kids you have, where you work, where you live, etc. unless these details are relevant to your central theme. The audience doesn’t really care if you have 2 dogs and moved here two years ago. Spare us the banal details and help us understand YOU.

Summary: 1. Pick a defining theme; 2. Use stories, experiences, and examples from your past to lead into the  theme and continue the narrative to the present day.


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