Recap From 2011.08.04 Meeting

Disclaimer: Not the actual cake that we ate

Words hardly suffice when it comes to describing our last club meeting. If you did not attend, here’s a taste of what you missed:

1. Julie delivered a speech on the evil that lurks beneath obedience and how we must always be vigilant. If someone asks whether you want to electro-shock someone, just say NO!

2. Arnold bravely sang his way through a advanced project on dramatic reading. It was like Karaoke Night!

3. Oscar held an interesting Location Associative Memory Table Topics session. Timothy mused that the airport is the intersection between where we are and where we are going!  Whoa.  And he didn’t even win! One of the guests took that honor!

4. We had 3 guests! And hopefully 3 new members!

Lastly, we’d like to thank Tryn for bringing a birthday cake. Happy birthday from your friends at Peninsula Toastmasters, Tryn! Next time, we will get you a cake instead of the other way around! It’s OK, sometimes I get confused too.

Our next meeting is August 18th. See you soon!


One response to “Recap From 2011.08.04 Meeting

  1. thank you so much!! It is my pleasure to share a birthday cake with my friend’s from toastmaster’s . I love to celebrate with amazing people! Especially with professional speaker’s that give support and give a flower in the middle of a speech! That really made my night really special! Thank you again! It is all good! I wanted to bring in a cake to celebwith all of yourate my birthday