New Club Mailing List Powered By Google Apps

To better serve our members, the Peninsula Club is migrating our mailing list to Google Apps. To facilitate the transition, the Officers humbly ask our members to please check their email box and look for an “Forwarding Confirmation” from the Peninsula Toastmasters Club Team. Simply click on the link to confirm that you would like to receive emails sent from our club email domain.

The confirmation email will look something like this (your particular email user name will differ):

From the member’s perspective, nothing will change. You will continue to see emails from the club like you always do. But by signing up for your club domain email, the Officers gain additional email functionality that will enhance our ability to serve you.

If you wish to learn more about your new club email domain, please contact our VP of Outreach, Timothy. Thank you for your help in making ours the best club on the Peninsula!


One response to “New Club Mailing List Powered By Google Apps

  1. Please note that the club email list is independent from the club newsletter list. The newsletter list may include people who are not currently members (e.g. division officers, former members, and other interested parties). Even if you are no longer a member and do not have a club email domain anymore, you will continue to receive our newsletter once a week. The email list is for current members / immediate distribution.