Recap From 2011.07.21 Meeting

Dear Peninsula Toastmasters,

We had a wonderful and memorable meeting last night. It’s an injustice that we can’t begin to describe all the wonderful things that happened, but here are just some of the meeting highlights:

1. Our awesome VPO Timothy talked about the exciting new changes coming to the club in the way Peninsula reaches out to our members. He described how content from this blog will be cross-posted on Facebook and delivered right to your email box! Now you’ll never miss a post!

2. Andrea bravely delivered her Dentyne Icebreaker ™ speech last night and it was sooo fresh! We will never hear the term “Jungle Queen” the same way again!

3. Tasha completed her Distinguished Toastmasters requirement by finishing her High-Performance-Leadership project! Congratulations to Tasha for joining the select group of DTMs in District 4! We couldn’t be more proud!

4. We welcome a new member, Jennifer Nevin, to Peninsula Toastmasters. Be sure to introduce yourself to her!

Lastly, we’d like to thank Tony “The Toast Man” Deleon and Alison Wilson, Division H governor, for their attendance. Your presence was an honor and a delight!

Our next meeting is August 4th. See you soon!

PS: We will proudly display the Dentyne Icebreaker ™ image every time someone gives an ice breaker speech! Thanks to Loni for the great idea!


2 responses to “Recap From 2011.07.21 Meeting

  1. Woo Hoo! Love the camaradarie in our club meeting yesterday. And Awards were given to Tasha for ACG, Ed for CL and Eugenia for CL! Not to mention, we recognized new members Andrea Pierce and Tryn Miller with pins! Peninsula Toastmaster Club is doing some amazing things!

  2. Congrats to all. The achievements would not have attained without the leadership and hard works of the club officers. Look forward to more great events to celebrate and wonderful meetings to come.
    Have a great summer, too.