The Audience Is NOT In Their Underwear

Are you are about to deliver a speech in front of a hundred people for the first time? Are you frozen stiff with fear? The old tip about imagining your audience in their underwear will not help you!

A hundred naked people looking at you doesn’t make you any less nervous than a hundred clothed people doing the same. Moreover, speaking from personal experience, imagining a largely female audience to be in their underwear can be quite distracting.

How should you handle a large audience? Before you speak, quickly pick out a few friendly faces in the audience and use them as visual waypoints. Spread out the distribution so you cover most of the nearby Cartesian locations. Be sure to pick people who are not disarmingly beautiful or abhorrently ugly. Hint: Don’t tell them you picked them for their homely looks!

Block out EVERYBODY else.

Now instead of speaking to an audience of hundreds, you are speaking to a largely empty room with 4 or 5 attractive faces. Feel better?

Go out there and knock their socks off!

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  2. LOL! Good idea…